NJUPT International Students Visit Zhou Enlai’s Memorial Hall
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To commemorate the 120thbirth anniversary of Comrade Zhou Enlai, on April 5, the Chinese traditional Tomb-Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival), representatives of NJUPT international students visited Premier Zhou Enlai’s Memorial Hall in Huai’an, Jiangsu. International students’ Vice Dean Chen Shangkun, teachers and the international students from Russia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Ghana and other countries participated in this meaningful activity.

On the mild drizzling day of this Qingming Festival the international students respectfully visited the Comrade Zhou Enlai’s Statue. Professor Chen Shangkun and other faculty members elaborated in detail the glorious life and great exploits of Premier Zhou. As the old Chinese saying goes: “A silkworm exhausts itself to the last silk; a candle burn itself to the final drop”, throughout his lifetime premier Zhou’s full devotion to the general welfare of Chinese people, his inalienable loyalty to the Nation and the Party, and his consistent dedication to diplomatic policy of peace have won him the highest respect from people in and out of China. People today still memorize and honor him for all what he had done for people. The students present are deeply moved and they all appreciate the noble heart of Premier Zhou and his gloriousexploits.

The international students extended their heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to visit Premier Zhou Enlai’s hometown on Tomb-Sweeping Day. By visiting and learning, they are filled with admiration for Premier Zhou’s greatness. They say they will share their wonderful experience in China with people from all over theworld.

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications always maintains that “tell good Chinese stories and spread good voice of China” should be of utmost essence in international student’s education. The University has persistently adopted a policy of taking effective measures to enhance quality cultivation of internationalstudents.

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