Professor Zhang Aiping from California State University, Chico, Delivers a Lecture in NJUPT
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In the afternoon of March 30, at the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages of NJUPT, Prof. Zhang Aiping fromCalifornia State University, Chico, delivered a speech entitled “Read More, Write on! Innovative Approaches in Teaching Reading andWriting.”

Prof. Zhang Aiping reviewed a series of debates on“Great Books”in the academic world, introduced a variety of efficient and innovative reading methods, and shared the latest writing teaching models in American universities. In addition, Prof. Zhang Aiping gave in-depth answers to questions like“How to Read and Write for English Majors in American Colleges and Universities,”“What to read as English major students in China,”“How to develop comprehensive and writing skills,”“Reading, writing and life exploration,”“the relationship between knowledge accumulation and career development,”encouraging students to become confident readers, critical thinkers, and efficientwriters.

Speaker’s Profile:

Professor Zhang Aiping graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages at Fudan University in China. He is a Master and Ph.D. from the Harvard University Department of English. He is a Lifelong Professor and Dean of the Department of English of California State University, Chico, a member of the American Language Society, the American Literature Society, the Scott Fitzgerald Society and the Jensen Cooper Institute. His research interests include the history of American literature, American Puritan literature, American novels, modernist and postmodernist literature and American minority literature. He is a judge of the National Endowment for the Humanities and an expert editorial for many publishers and journals in America and Britain. He was invited to give lectures at top universities at home and abroad, such as University of London, the University of Rome and FudanUniversity.

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