NJUPT Students Won the Third Place in the 2nd "QiangWang" International Elite Challenge on Cyber Mimic Defense
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On May 22 to 23, the 2nd QiangWang International Elite Challenge on Cyber Mimic Defense was held in Nanjing. Under the guidance of our university’s Dr.Sha Letian, the third-year undergraduates majoring in information security and software engineering, Mu Haowen, Sun Xinqian and Yao Cheng represented the team and won the third place in the final with a bonus of 80,000 yuan, showing the practical combat ability of our information securitystudents.

This competition invites domestic and foreign top teams and well-known domestic security enterprises to participate. The international teams invited to participate in the challenge include the top ten elite teams from the United States, Russia, Japan, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and other countries and regions. The enterprise team includes BAT and other Internet enterprises, as well as ten network security research and technology teams, such as NSFOCUS, from well-known enterprises. The university team has top twelve teams from XCTF International League. The challenge adopts the new mode of black box and white box security test, external breakthrough and injection attack synchronization challenge, carries out an omni-directional and high-intensity security test on the mimic defense, and builds a new benchmark for domestic and foreign network securitycompetitions.

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