NJUPT Seeks Talents
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Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NJUPT), a prestigious teaching and research institution in China, is looking globally for new faculty with talent and vision.

I  NJUPT invites applications of outstanding scholars from across the globe

II Salaries and Benefits

New faculty members who transfer their officially registered Personnel Files to NJUPT will be entitled to the handsome salaries and great benefits:

III Benefits for Spouses and Children

After new faculty members transfer to NJUPT their personnel files, the university shall arrange employment for their spouses according to their abilities. The university shall also aid and arrange employment for a child of new faculty.

IV Management and Assessment

All new faculty members are appointed on an initial 10-year contract.

All new faculty members, during their employment, must meet the academic requirements as stipulated in the contract. NJUPT has the right to end employment with any faculty member who fails to meet the requirements for 3 consecutive years.

V The Personnel Office of NJUPT reserves the right of final interpretation of this notice.

VI Please Contact the following email address

Email address:

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